How To Identify Bearings — And Why It’s Important

Plain sleeve bearings

Rolling bearings

Radial ball bearings

Deep groove, Conrad bearing:

  • High degree similarity between the balls and raceways- deep groove or full shoulders.
  • Single and double designs of row

The filling slot, max type bearing:

  • This type of bearing filling slot and allows for the maximum number of balls directly between the rings.
  • Single or double designs of row

Angular contact thrust ball bearing

  • Asymmetrical design- One joint is relived higher than the other.
  • Raceways are in one or both of the rings.
  • It is mounted in opposing pairs either at the end of the shaft, face-to-face, or back-to-back.
  • Single row, double row, and four-point contact designs

Self-aligning ball bearings

  • Bearings and bushings have two rows of balls in a common outer ring that share a common cage.
  • The inner ring is mounted on a rotating shaft to hold each row of balls separately.
  • The outer ring is accommodating and spherical for changing the travel pattern. The ball elements and providing the self-aligning feature.

Cylindrical roller

  • The cylinder shape looks like a cage, which guides the turning movement on the two races’ flat surfaces.
  • The flagged ring, either inner or outer, with the roller and cage assembly, and the uniform can be separated from the other easy mounting.
  • The bearing manufacturer slightly relieved the ends and ultimately reducing the stress and fiction.

Spherical roller bearings

  • It has two rows of rollers that run on a common sphere in the outer ring.
  • Internal self-align due to curved raceways and barrel-shaped rollers.
  • The inner circle is inclined to the bearing axis.
  • The inner ring raceways guide the roller of barrel shape. In most cases, a non-integral guide ring is positioned between the two rollers and rows.

Tapered roller

  • The form of angular lines roller surfaces meet the common bearing axis, referred to as an apex point.
  • Inner rollers and cage are a non-separable assembly, and it is called the cone assembly or simply.
  • The outer ring is completely separate from the cone, and it is called the cup.
  • It is usually mounted face-to-face or back-to-back.

Needle bearings

  • A variation of cylindrical bearing, the rollers, is smaller in diameter.
  • Some of it has no cage holding, and this bearing handles more load at slow speeds.
  • On the other hand, keep the roller separated to handle the high speed and light loads.
  • The roller turns directly on the shaft, without the inner ring to accommodate for limited space.
  • Available in single or double design row.

In summing-up:




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